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The click to the regional network

With the RegioTHEK network solution, we offer libraries the opportunity to do “common cause” with other libraries in their region. RegioTHEK is a virtual library with real branches at the respective locations of the participating libraries. The independence of the libraries involved is fully preserved.

Library associations

Why do libraries establish a regional library network? You have set yourself the goal of providing as diverse a range and extensive service as possible, even in times of extremely tight budgets.

In the first place is the common internet catalog. This is where the network libraries present their media holdings. Due to limited budgets, individual libraries cannot meet all media requirements. The cooperation aims to compensate for this deficit and offer the reader the opportunity to order media that are not available in the home library from any of the other libraries. In this way, little-used stocks can be activated. The main holdings of individual libraries are made available to other users.

In addition, an exquisite offer can be made available through cost sharing; e.g. Online lexicons and reference works, digital “onlending” for e-books, audio books, music and videos, offers for schools, educators, teachers as well as games and fun, etc.

RegioTHEK is independent of the library software and supports libraries with different IT systems.

There are already a considerable number of regional library associations nationwide. Several libraries from a planning region (e.g. district) have come together in these – on the basis of our RegioTHEK network solution.

This is where RegioTHEK comes in

  • Community library Murnau
  • Community library Peissenberg
  • Library Bad Tölz
  • City library Geretsried
  • City library Landsberg
  • City library Miesbach
  • City library Starnberg
  • City library Weilheim
  • Library Höchberg
  • Community library Bergrheinfeld
  • Community library Grafenrheinfeld
  • Community library Niederwerrn
  • Community library Wildflecken
  • Hösbach
  • Karlstein
  • City library Gerolzhofen
  • City library Hammelburg
  • City library Karlstadt
  • City library Lohr am Main
  • City library Kitzingen
  • City library Marktheidenfeld
  • Community library Dörfles-Esbach
  • Community library Sonnefeld
  • City library Coburg
  • City library Neustadt
  • City library Rödental
Städtedreieck liest
  • City library Burglengenfeld
  • City library Maxhütte-Haidhof
  • City library Teublitz
  • Community library Kiedrich
  • Community library Walluf
  • Media library Eltville
  • City library Bad Schwalbach
  • City library Geisenheim
  • Community library Burgthann
  • Community library Feucht
  • Community library Schwarzenbruck
  • Community library Vorra
  • Media library Winkelhaid
  • Röthenbach / Pegnitz
  • Schwaig / Behringersdorf
  • City library Altdorf b. Nürnberg
  • City library Hersbruck
  • Carl-Stumpf-Bibliothek Wiesentheid
  • Community library Elsenfeld
  • Community library Schöllkrippen
  • Community library Schonungen
  • Community library Schwanfeld
  • Community library Stadtlauringen
  • Community library Giebelstadt
  • Community library Grossostheim
  • Community library Waldbüttelbrunn
  • Stadtbib. & Mediathek Dettelbach
  • City library Arnstein
  • City library Bad Brückenau
  • City library Erlenbach am Main
  • City library Ochsenfurt
  • City library Bad Kissingen
  • City library Marktbreit
  • Community library Neubiberg
  • Community library Oberhaching
  • Community library Ottobrunn
  • Community library Großenseebach
  • Community library Taufkirchen
  • Community library Unterhaching
  • City library Gräfenberg
  • Community library Bubenreuth
  • Community library Eckental
  • Community library Heroldsberg
  • Community library Kalchreuth
  • Community library Uttenreuth
  • Market library Igensdorf
  • City library Forchheim
  • City library Herzogenaurach
  • City library Höchstadt/Aisch
  • Library Burgkirchen a.d. Alz
  • Community library Bruckmühl
  • Community library Seeon
  • Community library Tacherting
  • Market library Berchtesgaden
  • City library Burghausen
  • City library Bad Aibling
  • City library Freilassing
  • City library Kolbermoor
  • City library Mühldorf a. Inn
  • City library Töging a. Inn
  • City library Traunreut
  • City library Traunstein
  • Community library Gauting
  • Community library Gräfelfing
  • Community library Krailling
  • Community library Neuried
  • Community library Planegg
  • Community library Neuendettelsau
  • Community library Petersaurach
  • City library Dinkelsbühl
  • City library Leutershausen
  • City library Ansbach
  • City library Feuchtwangen
  • City library Heilsbronn
  • City library Heilsbronn
  • City library Rothenburg
  • Library Stadtbergen
  • Public library Kissing
  • City library Buchloe
  • City library Donauwörth
  • City library Gersthofen
  • City library Nördlingen
  • City library Oettingen
  • City library Bobingen
  • City library Königsbrunn
  • City library Neuburg
  • City library Rain
  • City library Schwabmünchen
  • BIZ Haßfurt
  • Community library Untermerzbach
  • Community library Knetzgau
  • City library Zeil am Main
  • City library Ebern
  • City library Hofheim
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